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Game Ready Training offers advanced baseball and softball instructional training, camps, fall ball programs, off-season training programs, indoor hitting and pitching leagues, and reactive core strength and agility training for all ages. GRT instructors analize and evaluate each player by using years of coaching and playing experiences along high speed video capturing software to help identify his or hers strenths and weaknesses.  Instructors then recommend an age/skill level appropriate training program to help each player reach their maximum potential.  All coaches and trainers have adapted the Game Ready Training coaching philosophy to instruct and coach.
Game Ready Training Coaching Philosophy:

This explained my personal coaching philosophy and why I feel that it is effective. This was done by first explaining my beliefs towards what qualities a good coach should posess followed by a brief discussion on the best way to develop quality athletes on and off the field.  In conclusion, a good coach should have good qualities and know how to explain the "why" in great detail.    


"This includes the ability to keep practice moving, keep practice fun and fresh, while getting the most out of each athlete during practice and game time. This leads us into a discussion on the best way to develop and prepare athletes. Another quality a good coach should have is the ability to prepare a quality practice.  A positive reinforcement type coach looks for ways to install confidence in each individual athlete. The coach should understand that every athlete is a little different and try and find different ways to connect with that athlete.  The main quality of Game Ready Training coaching philosophy consists of is positive reinforcement.  A good coaching philosophy should consist of many different qualities allowing a coach to quickly adapt and relate to a broad range of players and sports.     


If you cannot feel yourself doing something wrong it is very hard to correct the problem. A pitcher should first know what it feels like to do something wrong then work on being able to feel what it feels like to do that skill correctly. A pitcher should be able to feel why the ball went up while he was trying to throw the ball on the outside part of the plate. Once an athlete understands the why of any drill and or skill it becomes much easier to understand and ultimately make the correct adjustments. If an athlete understands why the infield should play in in the bottom of the ninth inning with no outs and the go ahead run on third base then it becomes much easier for the athlete to understand the game. I like to explain why to the athlete. The way to motivate players is not to yell and scream at them but instead explain why. My coaching philosophy consists of a more ”John Wooden” approach. A coach has to choose from being either a “Bobby Knight” in your face type coach or a “John Wooden” type coach. The best way to develop quality athletes is to develop methods to help each athlete understand exactly what he or she needs to reach their maximum potential.     


There are many different coaching philosophys being used today to help coach everyone from kids to professional athletes. Over the years certain philosophies have proven to be very effective while others have proven to be not so successful. This article will explain the coaching philosophy adapted by all Game Ready Training coaches and trainers and explain why it is effective. This will be done by first explaining Game Ready Training's beliefs towards what qualities a good coach should poses, followed by a brief discussion on the best way to develop quality athletes on and off the field." 

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