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 1-on-1 instruction and Small group instruction   


The first step for signing-up for option 1 or 2 is to schedule a video analysis training session. During the video analysis a Game Ready Training (GRT) instructor will show the player in slow motion, frame by frame, what he is doing correctly and what he needs to work on. Instructors use videos of pro hitters/pitchers as examples (also in slow motion) to help demonstrate what good and poor mechanics look like and why. This gives the player a visual which will help him make adjustments more quickly during drill work and games. This, also, helps the 1 on 1 and practices programs run efficiently. Each player may choose to receive their video analysis video with an instructors voice over instruction along with the pro pitchers/hitters video examples to be used as a reference video to review on a computer when training at home. Once the player has completed the video analysis session, he may schedule additional 1 on 1 lessons to work on what was found during the video analysis session.  

Video Analysis
Game Ready Trainers use the same video capturing software used by the Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants, and many other MLB teams.  Frame by frame video analysis is a key for teaching students quickly and accurately. The software provides a database of Major League Baseball hitters/pitchers and Olympic Softball players to be used as an instruction tool and during side by comparisons. Each student has the option to be sent a professional video analysis comparison with voice over instruction of their pitching, hitting, and fielding mechanics. A pro model will be used during the side by side comparison along with voice over instruction to help demonstrate correct mechanics.
Video Analysis Example

This software allows the Instructor to make side by side comparions of student vs the pro.  Over the past 15 years of providing instruction Mitch has found slow speed video to be the most useful coaching tool out there hands down. Students can see themselfs pitch, hit, field, etc on tv imeditaly after they perform the motion. This gives the student instant feedback that their mind can take a picture of and reinforcing positive muscle memory. Insted of a coach saying "your frontside flew open" the student can actully see his front side flying open and quickly make an adjustment. 

​Pitching Instruction: (Ages 7 - Professional)


Pitching Mechanics: Stay healthy and increase velocity with control.


Throwing Program: Individual throwing program to prevent injury from over throwing and under throwing.  


Pitching Techniques: Learn how to identify hitters, & pitch to their weakness. 


​Grips: 4 seam fastball, 2 seam fastball / sinker, change up, and for the older more advanced players, curveball, cut fastball, and/or slider.


Holding Runners: Learn how to control the running game, and learn pick off moves.


Pitching Drills: Personalized drills that will help improve and maintain skill level; video will be used as ateaching tool and for college recruiting.  

​ ​


Hitting Instruction: (Ages 7 - professional)

Hitting Mechanics Learn proper hitting mechanics for a consistent compact powerful swing.  A consistent and well-timed swing gives a player the best possible chance to make contact with fastballs, curve balls, change-ups, etc.

Hitting Drills Hitting drills will be used to help break down a swing into three simple steps. Frame by frame video will also be used to help analyze a swing allowing a player to see what he/she is doing right and/or wrong.  




30 minute individual 1-on-1 instruction..............................................$50/player

45 minute individual 1-on-1 instruction..............................................$75/player

60 minute small group lesson (2 players)…...................................$60/player 

60 minute small group lesson (3-4 players)...................................$50/player


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